Human can never be perfect,

And so is love

You can never ever find a perfect partner,

And so a perfect relationship.

If you love someone,

You are expected to accept every cell of his body

If you cannot do so,

Then don''t expect that what you feel is love.


Love will never be easy to understand,

For its meaning is very broad

It has an endless definition,

That no mortal can ever reach.


Its interesting how magical love can be,

That it can turn all fantasies into reality

But its also interesting to know how ironic it can be,

That once you feel that its real,

You''ll realize that its just a fantasy.


Love is about magical moments,

Covered with lots of tears and sadness

It is having to feel the perfect moment,

Though everything seems to be wrong.


Ang love walang pinipili 'yan.

Dati, ang akala ko, imposibleng magkagusto ang elepante sa daga. Imposibleng magkagusto ang balyena sa tilapia. Imposibleng magkagusto ang agila sa maya. Pero mali pala ako, dahil pagdating sa pag-ibig, pantay-pantay lang lahat. Walang malaki, walang maliit. Walang maganda, walang pangit. Walang mayaman, walang mahirap. At higit sa lahat, walang celebrity, walang ordinaryong tao.



All promises are meant to be broken. Para silang mga pigurin na minsan, kahit hindi sinasadya ay nababasag.


When Love and Fate Collides

Ang puso, hindi ‘yan parang bata na pwede mong sawayin o pagsabihan dahil mayroon ‘yang invisible head na katulad ng sa isang matanda.



Hindi marunong makinig.

Pero paano na lang kung makisawsaw rin si tadhana?

Aba, malaking problema ‘yan!

Because When Love and Fate Collide, asahan mo nang mas masasaktan ka.



Writers are bipolar. They put themselves on the shoes of each of the character that they create.
Writers are powerful. They can control a reader's emotion.
Writers are wanderers. They can't go a day without getting their minds travel to different places.
Writers are gifted individuals and I'm proud to be one.




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